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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

hamster, hamster

the easter bunny did not leave my 6 year old any candy this year... in his basket, a dwarf winter white hamster.

5:45 easter morning.... "daddy, did you hear the easter bunny last night?"
"no, son, i did not"
"well, that's okay. i have eggs at loma's house that we can eat."
"just because i did not hear him, does not mean that he did not come..."

and off he ran to search the house. i walked out to find him searching all the usual places and then saw him round to corner to go behind the bar... double take, triple take... with hands a clappin' he souted out that he had gotten a pet of his very own. a hamster.

"do you think i'm dreaming?"
"no, because i see it too son. what are you going to call her?"
"how do you know it is a girl?"
"well, um, when she climbed up on the side of the cage just now... i did not see a penis."
"oh, well... i think i will call her, hamster hamster!"

and so she became, hamster hamster.
the little creature is really quite friendly, loves to be held and carried around.
yesterday morning thomas woke me up to see if he could play with RATTY RAT.

"who is ratty rat?"
"you know, my pet"
"she is not a rat."
"what is she again? I just forgot"
"a hamster."
"oh, yeah, hamster hamster"

hamster hamster has an exercise ball. last evening, thomas had her our in the driveway, running. then he sat with her and let her climb up is pant leg, in his pocket... i think there is a bond.
when he gently puts her back in her cage, if she still wants to play she climbs on the door to get out again. but, most of the time i think that little winter white is ready for her favorite corner and a good nap.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

butt, poop, boob

it started as a rumble when he was 5. now, at 6, his punchlines are all centered around: butts, big poops, and boobs. some of the jokes are really kind of funny, i don't dare give it away... i fear the three word punch lines would just hang around that much longer.

70's flirting with 80 and sun. now, that is a spring day. cleaned out the pool house. set the chairs up around the still covered pool, but i'm ready. may 15 it all begins, non stop summer pool parties. my favorite way to spend a day.

some church in minneapolis, that cares for the sick and elderly... and are paid to do so by the state just lost out on future business. seems a woman was brought in for services and explained that she had started life as he. the good christians said, "no way" and sent her packing. no i don't go to church, but from my days of sunday school.... i thought jesus did not discriminate... so why should those who live thier lives based on the stories of jesus?

off to make dinner. last nights was a bomb. decided to cook on the fire pit.... no time for wood... used on of those logs in a bag... gas and newpaper... not good or roasting. we ended up eating marshmellows and chocolate. will try to make it a tad better tonight.


Monday, April 03, 2006

ice turns to water

in december i went to bed and the lake was choppy; the night was cold. in the morning, ice. the whole lake was dark and solid. i have been waiting to see the current and today it all came back. bright sun, new day. we had some friends over for dinner. the kids played on the shore, old ones drank red wine and hung by the fire.

my day was spent ripping out one of the guest baths... i love the demo stuff. tore out tile, wood... cut my hands a few times, felt butch. wore gucci for dinner, so much for bring butch.

thomas' friend went back to miami. sleep over w/ school friend on tuesday night. my mom comes on wednesday. never a dull moment here.

relax in the moment. enjoy to day.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sun, sun... few clouds

so yesterday i slept all afternoon... cloudy, all energy zapped w/ the fieldtrip i took my son on. today the list of 20 errands, big gym time, and dinner were all done w/ EZZZE.

thomas had gymnastics this afternoon, glad he loves the class... his coach is way hot and a buddy (who has kids in the class) sit and act like school girls, being the big fag dads that we are.

have really gotten into cooking. for years dinner involved picking up the phone or hitting some buttons on the microwave...
no more baby! dear friend is a chef... has a book out that i love, kitchenlife w/ art smith. easy stuff to make and everything i have tried has had big banner results.

thomas' friend, "paul"
paul is a flat green balloon. sharpie marker eyes, nose and mouth. the mouth has been cut so he can, "enjoy the fresh air"... as thomas says. he lives in a ziplock with our address written on the front, in case he gets lost...
thomas has instructed me to open the bag for 20 min. at lunch time everyday. the other day i told thomas that i was going to be busy at lunchtime and what should i do.... he took "paul" to school so that he would have the care that a good friend should have. I LOVE, LOVE seeing life through a kid's eyes. how old was i when friends like paul quite showing up in my life, i don't remember.

Monday, March 27, 2006

fast forward

two months, fast... yet, slow.
got out of town for a couple quick trips. boston, chicago... all good. friends, sites, food.
clicked on weather this morning and it pulled up my link for miami... 75 and sunny. i was trying to forget that place! minneapolis: clouds, 40. okay, once it hits 50 the trees will start to bud. bring on the green.

today took thomas to a park and tapped a maple tree. boil the sap, srain, reboil...all for 10 drops of the stuff. very interesting, but next time it is back the the store for a bottle of aunt j.

thomas picked up a book last night and said that from now on he was going to read the bedtime story. i guess that's what happens when you turn six.

fred is into buying net based biz's. today a prayer line... too funny, he doesn't believe in god. guess that those who do may be paying the bills for us.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

back in town... holiday done.

i have had almost a month to recharge my batteries. wow. florida was great.... lots of friends and family, time well spent.
warm sunny days on the beach. thomas made many a castle with his cousins. then it was off to ca. drove the central coast of hwy. 1. san luis obispo, santa barbara.... wonderful. seals on the beach, butterflies spending the winter... maybe i sould too. then off to santa monica. sayed with dear friends who are in the music biz.... a true la weekend. talking about starz that they know and i only have seen pics of in people mag. palm springs... aunt and uncle. rode the golf cart around and ate dinner in a supper club. great to reconnect.

thomas is glad to be back at school. skating, gymnastics, friends.... and the like.

hello to cathy! i will visit your blog and get all caught up this week

Sunday, December 18, 2005


we took thomas to an imax movie last night about the nile. a team of people paddled the 3,000 miles that the river extends.
wow. in addition to the amazing footage, the history of the nile was so interesting. interesting is not nearly a big enough word; i can't think of another, maybe you will after seeing it.

temp. outside three below "damn cold" enough said.

last night i watched a program on discovery. it was coverage of a frontline er in iraq. i think everyone should have to watch 5 min. of this program... and then look at why we are there. all these young people who have body parts blown off, brain damage, lives shattered.... FOR WHAT?
i just wish that the gov't could show some real hard reason why we had to go there and "save the day"
yes, they had an election. a successful election is the call by many. was it worth the thousands and thousands of lives.

bush said 30,000 of iraq's people have been killed. "give or take"
we are not talking about time needed to get downtown, give or take....